What is a complete list of charges?

Here is a list of prices for individual services:

Create an account — $0
Monthly fee — $0
Consolidation — $0
Storage — $0 for 75 days (purchases) and $0 for 14 days (consolidated shipments)
Moving orders between suites — $0.You can move purchases to other suites (accounts) yourself free of charge. Join with friends to save even more!
You only have to pay for incoming packages ($3 for packages under 1.3kg = 3lbs, $5 for packages over 1.3kg = 3lbs) and shipping fees.

There are some additional services you may want to use. All of them are optional and applied solely in your discretion:

Keep postal box (for extremely fragile items): $0
Remove catalogues (invoices) — $0
Remove shoe boxes — $2 per incoming purchase
Plastic bag for additional protection — $3
Vacuum packaging — $0.50 for 1lbs (1 lbs=450 grams). Vacuum packaging allows to reduce volume dramatically (think DHL, where you are paying for dimensional weight).
Insurance $3 for every $100 declared

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