What is consolidation and does it save money?

When you shop in more than one store, or the store ships your order in multiple packages (many stores including Amazon, Gap, J.Crew, etc. do this pretty often), i.e. you have more than one package to ship to the same delivery address, you can save money by consolidating / combining your packages into one box, normally larger in size. Usually it’s cheaper to send one big package than several smaller ones. In reality you will save even more because we will remove excess packaging, thus reducing the weight. In addition, we use extra bubble wrapping to protect delicate and fragile items.

Here are the steps we take to consolidate your orders:

— First, we unpack your purchases and take them out of the box (if you want to keep the box your items arrived in you can note it in Consolidation Request)
— Then, we attend to your request if you asked us to remove shoe boxes or wrap purchases in extra plastic
— If required, we add additional packaging (bubble wrap) and stick FRAGILE sticker to the box. We do this with all delicate items, no request required
— Our packers carefully place all your items in a new durable carton box, weight it and prepare it for shipping.

We want to stress that by default we remove external (postal) boxes. Without additional request we will only keep boxes for Kindles, laptops, dishes, chandeliers, and some large toys which are shipped in the original boxes.

If you have an oversize package which does not exceed the shipping size limits but for which we do not have a big enough box, we will send it the original box after wrapping it in paper and reinforcing it with tape. If you have ordered consolidation of an oversized box and a small package, we will try to fit the small package in the larger box. Otherwise, our experienced packers woill make a customized box.

Any doubts, questions, suggestions? Email us at help@shopfans.com. We will reply within 1 business day (please mind the time difference).

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