When do I need to pay for shipment?

We don’t require you to pay for shipment in advance. In fact, we made sure that the process of paying for the shipment is very simple and convenient for you. You don’t have to make any payments up until the moment your items are consolidated and ready to be shipped.

How and when to pay for the shipment:

First, we will receive and process your orders — at this stage you are not required to make any payment for Shopfans services.

When you are ready to ship the items you have purchased, consolidation need to be initiated by you (i.e. you need to login to your Shopfans account and send item to consolidation). After the consolidation process is complete we will send you an email advising that your items are now ready to ship. The email from us will also include an receipt.

There are several payment options — you can pay for shipment using Mastercard/ Visa credit cards and Paypal.

After you make a payment, your consolidated package will be shipped in the nearest shipment.

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